Friesian Horse Page

OliverSeveral years ago Rivendell Farm purchased a five year old Friesian horse that had not yet been started under saddle. Linda and Robert quickly started to work with Zorro beginning with basic in hand work and luenging. Zorro picked up everythig at an amazing pace and within a couple of weeks he was under saddle and anxious to learn more! He progressed very quickly and within two months of ariving at Rivendell Farm he went to his first show. And placed first in two classes!

The Friesian horse has recently become quite sought after for their intelligence and cooperative and engaging personalities. Although they were originally bred primarily as carrage horses, more recent breeding practices have emphasized qualities that make them suitable for dressage. Linda currently has a number of clients who own Fresians and she has learned how to get the best out of these learned brethern of the horse world. Her success with the Fresian has been remarkable and the horses she has trained were highly competetive against horses of all breeds.

Friesian Show Highlights

The Fresians trained by Linda have had excellent show records. Here is a short summary.


Wolter was Linda's first Friesian. He had been happily grazing all his life in a field when we bought him at age five. He went to his first show about two months after he was started under saddle and won two classes at First Level. He went on to become FHANA Champion at First Level and Second Level in the USDF Year End Awards.


Linda started training Trinjtje in the Fall of 2008 and started showing her in 2009. She was FHANA Champion at Third Level that year. The next year she was Champion at Prix St. George and Intermediare I. She placed XXXX in the USDF Year End Awards for horses of all breeds. Trinjtje was Region II Third Level Champion and Region IV Prix St. George and Intermediare I Champion.


Remington ....