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Linda has been showing horses for over 35 years. She started in Hunter's and Jumpers, and then went on to Eventing. While she lived in California she worked with a Standard Bred race trainer and participated in Endurance competitions. One of Linda's mounts for Endurance was the famed Lord Fauntleroy owned by Virl Norton.

We've summarized below only her show experience in Dressage since she has specialized in this discipline for the past 19 years.

More information on Linda's show record can be found at CenterLineScores.

The majority of the horses that Linda has shown in USDF shows have been brought along through the levels by Linda, and she started many of them under saddle. They were not "made" horses that had already been trained. They included horses from small local breeders, one off the track Thoroughbred that competed very successfully through 4th Level, and others that had been purchased for very modest amounts of money.

Summary of USDF Show Record


Linda had another great year with some new horses including another Fresian, two Andalusians, and a Thoroughbred.

Highlights listed by horse


The two Fresian horses shown by Linda had a great year. Inke FCF won 15 1st place ribbons in USDF shows, and Beerend W won 10 1st place ribbons. Their success was recognzed in the USDF year End Awards.

USDF Year End Awards


USDF Year End Awards


USDF Year End Awards